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What's up? international Blues Festival Osijek 2008 is in preparation. The concert will take place in Hotel Central and will last for five days. Festival begins 01. 12. 2008 ....


Radio shows:

"Jazz 'round the midnight" - mondays at midnight

"Still got the blues" - sundays at midnihgt

"In classic mood" - tusedays at midnight

Radio Plus 92,7



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this is the best time that you could've chosen to get familiar with our organization. For five years we have standalone carried the cultural scene of Osijek. In a few words - it's all about the music, culture, creativity and foremost about gaining and passing knowledge.

francesca de faziWith our efforts we are trying to improve the Croatian cultural standard hoping that we can raise to the lights of Europe and the World. The rewards for our work are coming in form of successful projects and the public response that was shown so far. There is a flair in Osijek and it's begining to show signs of fire once again.

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